How to avoid the ‘clunky’ and ‘dodgy’ ‘clothing’ companies that dominate fashion

The clothing industry is rife with clunky and dodgy fashion brands, according to a new report from The Hill. “The ‘clunker’ category is a huge and growing problem for fashion brands,” said the report, which examines how the industry is changing. The report found that many brands that are already in the fashion game today are struggling […]

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Playboy is getting in on the wearables game

Playboy is moving into the wearable-technology business, which it first began in 2013.The company’s new apparel and accessories line, dubbed PlayBoys, is launching in October.Its new products will include hoodies, hoodies with hoods, and hoodies that don’t have hoods.The line is also launching a pair of men’s shorts, which have been worn by famous actors […]

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Aussie’s ‘bizarre’ fashion statement pays tribute to Harley Davidson

By MELISSA MELTONSource Newsweek / 11 February 2018 05:38:50One thing Harley has done is take on some of the crazier things in Australian fashion: he’s been a big advocate of wearing strange outfits.This year he teamed up with the new design house, Jigsaw, to produce the first collection in a collection called The Harley Collection. The […]

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