Which are the best clothes for summer?

A couple of months ago, I wrote a story on what it’s like to be a girl, and how the summer wardrobe is about as different from the summer as it gets.

Since then, the news of a new research study has pushed that narrative even further. 

The new study, titled “The gender gap in clothes, underwear and shoes,” was conducted by the University of Michigan, which found that women were actually slightly more likely to have their favorite outfits on their bodies than men, with the results suggesting that the gender gap has increased. 

In addition to gender, other items were examined in the study, like the type of clothes they wore, whether they were barefoot or not, how long they spent in a room, and whether they had their hair styled. 

“The study demonstrates that women have a greater propensity to wear garments with feminine silhouettes and accessories, and that men are more likely than women to wear suits and blazers with a feminine aesthetic,” the researchers wrote in the paper.

“This study suggests that we need to rethink how we categorize clothing and to think more about how our fashion preferences fit into our overall gender roles.” 

A survey of over 8,000 women who had their underwear on showed that women are more comfortable wearing dresses and skirts than men.

This trend is especially pronounced among women, as the study found that more than half of women wear skirts, while about half of men do. 

So how do these trends fit into the gender gender gap?

“The results suggest that women wear more feminine clothing, with fewer suits and ties, and longer hair, while men prefer more masculine clothes,” the authors wrote.

“A number of studies have found that the average female body is smaller and more feminine than the average male body, so we may see a greater likelihood of men wearing suits and shirts, and less men preferring more masculine clothing.”

While it’s still a long way from knowing the exact number of women who wear suits in the U.S., this new research suggests that it’s at least a bit higher than we thought.

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