What you need to know about the new NBA jerseys

Updated March 11, 2018 07:13:52The New York Knicks’ New Era jerseys have been unveiled, and they look pretty good.

New York Knicks owner James Dolan announced the first new jerseys for the team since the team’s first season back in 2008, and there is much excitement around them.

But here are a few questions to get you up to speed.

First, what does the new jersey look like?

New York’s New Era has a red jersey with white stripes, the team logo, and a yellow star.

It also has white stripes on the collar, collar band, and sleeve cuffs.

The jerseys are grey with white piping, and are available in three colors: grey, black, and white.

You can also buy white jerseys with red piping.

The white jerseys are the same as the Knicks’ previous jerseys, with a white jersey and red piping on the jersey cuffs and collar band.

The New Era also has a white and red logo on the chest, and the back of the jersey is red with black piping.

The back of both white and white jerseys also have black piping on both sleeves.

All three New Era Knicks jerseys are white with black trim and black piping around the collar.

New Jersey’s jerseys are black with red trim and white piping around both sleeves, and black trim around the cuffs, collar, and sleeves.

New England’s jerseys look similar to the New York jerseys, but have white piping on collar and sleeve.

New Orleans’ jerseys are orange with black stripes on both sleeve cuff and collar, as well as white piping and black stripes around the cuff.

There are also two versions of New England jerseys, the red-white-red-white jersey and the red, white, and red-black-black jersey.

These are the Knicks jersey colors.

The Knicks have two new jerseys: a black-and-white version, and an orange-and, white-and version.

The new jerseys are both black and white, with orange trim around both sleeve edges and the cuff, collar and sleeves, but the orange trim is not visible on the back or on the sleeve cuffed.

The orange trim in the new jerseys is also visible on New York’s new jersey.

The first New York jersey is on sale now, and you can buy it here:New York Jets jerseys are a little different.

They have red piping around their collar and cuffs but are white overall.

The New Jersey Jets are a new team that is in its second season in the NFL, so they are not yet official.

The jersey color is black, but it’s grey-and white overall and is white on the sleeves.

This new jersey is available at the New Jersey Giants store and the New Orleans Saints store.

Both the New England Patriots and the Chicago Bears have new jerseys, which you can see below.

The Minnesota Vikings have a new jersey and have already released it on their website.

New Delhi is not the first Indian city to have a jersey, but this is the first one made in India.

New jerseys have become a popular trend in recent years, especially after the release of the Super Bowl XLIX jerseys, and now they are also being introduced to other cities, including Philadelphia, Seattle, and Atlanta.

But they may not be the only way to wear new uniforms.

The NBA has recently unveiled a new uniform with a new look, which has been going around the league.

The new uniforms are called the Golden State Warriors, and it looks like a more modern version of the jerseys the New Yorkers have been wearing for years.

The Warriors jersey has a blue and white striped collar, the gold and black logo on its chest, the white and gold piping on its sleeves, a white collar band on the front of the sleeve, and on the side of the neckline.

The Warriors also have red, yellow, white and black accents on the jerseys.

There’s also a white logo on each sleeve.

The jersey is not available for sale in the United States.

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