How to get ready for the 2018 season

The Nationals are looking for ways to shake up the clubhouse.


With a new look, with a new clubhouse, and with a fresh start.

It’s the new clubhouse of the Nationals, a clubhouse that has had its share of turnover.

The Nationals clubhouse is not as rosy as the past.

It may not be as clean as the previous clubhouse.

It could not be more different.

The clubhouse has been through its share, too.

It has had more turnover than it has had success.

It might have been better if it had been.

It is an ugly place, and it is going to be a place that will be hard to navigate for a while.

There will be ups and downs.

There are going to have to be some surprises.

And there will be some drama.

But the Nationals are going back to basics, bringing back the old look, and trying to make the clubhouse as close to home as possible.

“We’ve got to make sure we’re at home and that we’re not missing anybody’s memories,” manager Matt Williams said.

“I’ve talked to a lot of the guys.

I’ve seen a lot more pictures of the old clubhouse.

We got to get it back to where we want to be.

We can’t do it just to have a good look.

We’ve got got to have an overall vision of what we want the clubhouse to be.”

The new look is simple.

The new clubhouse is a more comfortable space.

There is no longer the clutter of old uniforms and gear that hangs on the walls.

The players are dressed up more casually, with their shoes on their feet and their shirts tucked in.

It gives the clubhouse a more laid-back feel.

It also gives the players a more relaxed vibe, something the team has been trying to get in the clubhouse for a few years now.

“It’s the same vibe, the same feel of being in the dugout,” first baseman Chase Utley said.

“[The new clubhouse] has the same energy.

It doesn’t have that ‘Oh, there’s this and there’s that.’

That’s what makes it so fun.”

It’s important to note that the Nationals clubhouse was a different place than it is now.

The old clubhouse was always in a state of disarray.

The team didn’t have a clubhouse or a manager.

There was no communication, and there was a lack of communication between the players and the coaches.

The change was a welcome one.

“The team wanted to change the feel of the clubhouse,” manager Davey Johnson said.

The biggest change for the Nationals is to make it home.

The only thing that’s changed is the look of the locker room.

That was a challenge, because it was a place where everyone was competing.

The locker room was a gathering place, where players were working on the ball, talking, and enjoying themselves.

Now, the clubhouse is home.

It was a great place for the players to relax, to have fun, and to have the opportunity to work on the game.

But it was also a place for everybody to work together.

The goal is to have everyone in the same space, and the only thing the players can do is work on it.

The dressing room is still clean.

The pitchers’ locker is still in place.

The dugout is still empty.

The field is still full.

The seats are still in the stands.

The equipment is still there.

But there are now a lot fewer people in the room.

They are less focused.

The uniforms have changed.

The player locker room is the same.

The home clubhouse has changed.

There has been a lot less clutter in the old place.

Now the Nationals have to make changes in their clubhouse, too, because that is where everything was.

The people have been separated.

It took years for this to happen.

The whole idea of the new locker room came from the players.

There were a lot to figure out.

How do you have this room, where the players are together?

Where is everybody else?

The team has done a great job of figuring it out.

And the players have done a terrific job of showing how they feel.

“One thing the Nationals haven’t figured out is how do we make the locker rooms feel different,” Williams said, referring to the way that the players work together in the lockerroom.

“They’re still working in the exact same way.

It used to feel the same.” “

And I think the players haven’t gotten used to it yet.

It used to feel the same.”

It took some time for the new look to settle in, and for the old locker room to get a sense of what the new one was all about.

“There are some things that the old one had,” Williams admitted.

The old locker rooms were different”

But that doesn’t mean that the new ones are going be as boring.”

The old locker rooms were different

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