Which Army gear you’ll be wearing in 2018

The military will be the only military branch to release new apparel during the first half of 2018.

The Department of Defense has revealed new styles for 2018, including camouflage gear for infantry, light infantry, and armored vehicle teams.

The Air Force has released camouflage, night vision goggles, and a helmet for their pilots.

The Army is also announcing some new camouflage styles.

The Army has also announced new tactical and combat clothing, as well as new boots, pants, and hats.

Military vehiclesThe Army’s first armored vehicles will be released in 2018, and the Air Force will be releasing a new version of the Humvee, the M1 Abrams, in 2019.

Both companies have also announced a new helmet, called the Air Combat Helmet.

Air Force’s new Humvees will be called the “Aircraft Carrier”, and they will be able to carry up to 30 Humveets, the Air Mobility Command (MANPADS) announced.

The Humveel will be capable of carrying up to 10 passengers.

The new M1A1 Abrams is the first Army vehicle to carry an air-to-air missile system, and will be deployed to the war in Afghanistan.

The M1s will also be able carry the MIM-104 Sparrow Anti-Tank System.

The United States military has been expanding its air defense capabilities since the start of the war.

The Air Force and the Navy have been working on the Advanced Air Defense System, which will be ready by 2019.

The Navy will also deploy the Advanced Anti-Ballistic Missile System.

A new radar system called the Advanced Capability and Resource Management System (ACRAMSS) will be in place, and is being built to help the Air Forces detect and counter advanced missiles.

The system will be used to track and destroy missiles that pose a threat to U.S. forces.

The US has also been building up its cyber defenses in response to the attacks in Paris.

The U.K. government announced that the country will be providing a new cyber-defense system to the United States, and plans to launch a program to train military officers.

The U.N. has also begun developing new weapons and technologies to combat cyberattacks.

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