What you need to know about the new fitness wear from Under Armour

Under Armour has unveiled a new collection of fitness apparel for women that is designed to be the best of both worlds: fashionable but affordable.

The line includes three different pieces, which are meant to appeal to women who like to go the extra mile but who also want a bit of something extra to add to their wardrobe.

The Under Armour Women’s Fitness Wear Collection, which will launch later this month, includes three women’s running apparel styles, a women’s yoga shirt, and a pair of high-heeled sandals.

Each item is designed with a variety of different fabrics, which help to blend in with the clothing and also add a bit more personality to the collection.

The women’s sandals, for example, feature a pattern that is a bit similar to the way the shoe itself is designed.

In a way, they’re just more streamlined, because the pattern is a lot more functional, like an overlay of the foot, rather than just a straight line.

This will be especially useful for women who are looking to dress up a bit in the future.

The collection also includes a women s tennis shoes.

They’re also the most fashionable of the three options, and the Under Armour designers say that they’re “built with a modern twist.”

It’s not clear if these shoes will be available in-store or on the company’s website, but they will definitely be on sale.

The shoes, which come in a variety colors and styles, will cost $80 each, which is a pretty significant price tag.

The first edition of the collection is expected to be available sometime this fall.

If you’re interested in the new Under Armour women’s fitness wear, you can check out the full collection in the video below.

The brand also has another new line of women’s shoes, and one of those shoes will have a bit less flair than the other two.

The “Dare to Be Woman” collection, which includes two pairs of shoes, will be released later this fall for $65.

Under Armour also has a new line that includes women’s swimwear and women’s tennis shoes, both of which will be on the shelves this month.

The new women’s clothing line, meanwhile, is also going to be launching in October, which we’re sure will give women who love a bit something extra a few more things to do.

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