How to be a more successful NBA player

I don’t have a plan to become the next LeBron James.

But I do have a list of ways to improve my game and become more of a threat to the league’s top players.

Here are 10 tips for becoming a better player in the league.1.

Use analytics to identify weaknesses in opponents’ defense2.

Improve your jumper3.

Use more variety and versatility to attack4.

Make smart plays in the halfcourt5.

Stop giving up easy layups and fouls to score6.

Keep your footwork on point-guard3.

Get back to the free-throw line7.

Stay in front of the rim and use your body to block shots8.

Be a better midrange shooter9.

Learn to run more efficiently10.

Get stronger and play faster1.

Identify weaknesses in opposition’s defense2,3.

Improve at the free throw line4.

Improve in the midrange with more variety5.

Get more touches on offense6.

Get better on defense7.

Learn the NBA offense8.

Learn dribbling9.

Stop allowing easy layup opportunities10.

Improve to defend 3-point shots1.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions2.

Find your game3.

Make plays on the ball4.

Find the right way to play the game5.

Use your athleticism and talent to attack6.

Use different types of shots to get open7.

Get to the rim in transition8.

Use isolation plays to attack9.

Keep a balanced attack10.

Find a way to win in crunch time1.

Understand that the NBA game isn’t just about scoring.

It’s also about defense and rebounding.

The key is to stay aggressive in these areas.2.

Don´t be afraid of taking contested shots, especially contested shots at the rim.3.

Be aware of what happens to you after a contested shot is made.4.

If you can’t make a shot, get up and down the floor and make another shot to the basket.5.

Be able to get up for every contested shot.6.

Be comfortable getting to the foul line when your team is down a goal.7.

Be willing to be physical in a defensive situation, especially on the defensive end.8.

Take good shots in transition.9.

Don`t let a missed shot get you down.10.

Make shots in all areas of the court, even the paint.1) Don´s offensive game needs work.

If your teammates aren´t shooting the ball, they will have trouble scoring.

If they don´t make shots, they won´t score.2) Don`s defensive game needs improvement.

If he can improve his jump shot and his 3-pointer, he will be a valuable part of the Bulls team for years to come.3) If he has to use his outside shooting, don´s jumper is too good.

He has to get better at finding the open man, and he can get better as he matures.4) Don’t give up easy baskets because of the low foul rate.

If players make easy baskets, it makes it easier for you to make them.5) Donít get too comfortable with your outside shooting.

The Bulls need to start seeing more 3-pointers and take more risks.6) Don’s lack of consistency has limited his ability to score.

He needs to get more consistent and put more effort into his shot selection and execution.7) Don t give up too many free throws because of his low shooting percentage.

The shot clock is ticking down, so make sure to take good shots.8) Don�s lack the versatility and versatility that he needs to be an elite offensive player.

He can be an excellent defender, and be a good shooter at the same time.9) Don can use his length to attack the basket and take contested shots.10) Don is a solid passer.

His game will always improve as he gets more comfortable.1.)

Be willing and able to make the most of every opportunity to score, even in the most difficult of situations.2.)

Don´ts shot needs to improve.

If it doesn`t, you won´ t score.3.)

Be a team player.

Be aggressive in your own end.4.)

Be prepared to defend when you are under pressure.5.)

Don’t let a turnover ruin a game.6.)

Donís lack for scoring will prevent him from being a consistent scoring threat.7.)

Be able do what he needs, when he needs.8.)

Be patient.

Be patient when the clock is down.9.)

Be an active defender.10.)

Be ready to be the last guy on the floor.

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