How to prevent a major theft at your workplace

The Office Depot in New York City is known for its big, bold color schemes and massive displays of stockings and blouses.

But its newest incarnation is less flashy and has a new look.

Employees will soon be able to buy shirts from its online store, but there’s a catch.

If you go to the store today, you won’t be able buy a shirt from the store that comes with the Office Depot logo, which is currently a black silhouette.

You’ll have to buy a separate, black version, which has a red design on the front and a red stripe on the back.

The Office is also starting to introduce a new logo for its online shopping site, which it hopes will be more easily recognizable to its customers.

“We’ve been working on this for a few years now, and this is the first time it’s ever really come to fruition,” says John W. Sullivan, the Office’s VP of digital strategy.

“You’re buying the same product, the same design.

But you’re not getting the same branding.”

The new logo will go into effect today and will be available on the online store from November 1.

Office Depot’s new logo has been in the works for a while.

Sullivan and his team have been working with other retailers to bring the Office Logo to their sites, and the goal was to have it on the store shelves by the end of 2018.

“This is one of those things where the customer’s got to be on board with it,” Sullivan says.

The new design is not a complete redesign of the logo, but it’s more modern than its predecessors.

The white, yellow, and red colors are still there, but the design has been tweaked a bit.

“It’s not really a design change,” Sullivan explains.

“That’s just to give you an idea of how it’s going to look.”

Sullivan says that the new logo comes with a few other subtle changes to the logo.

The text around the word “Office” is a bit more bold, so the new design will look a bit less intimidating.

And the new wordmark is a little smaller, which will make it easier for the public to find Office Depot online.

“There are other logos out there that we’ve tried out, and they’ve all worked, but this one is one that has been a long time in the making,” Sullivan adds.

“If you look at it, it’s been designed by a couple of different people, and it’s got the same basic principles.”

Sullivan hopes that people will be willing to pay more for Office Depot products, which he says are a great way to show off your company.

“They’re going to be very happy to see the new Office Depot shirt on the floor, because it’s really not that big a deal,” he says.

And customers will be able make their purchases by selecting “Buy” or “Pay with Paypal” in the checkout window.

Office employees can buy a standard shirt, or choose from a range of shirts featuring different colors and prints.

The logo will also be available at the Office on its website, and people who visit the store now will be given a chance to buy the logo shirt.

“Office Depot has been really good at making sure that they are consistent in the design and the look of the store,” Sullivan notes.

“But it’s a little harder to be consistent with the logo because it has such a different aesthetic than other places that they do their branding.”

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