The Republican National Convention is a disaster

The Republican Party is in crisis, as evidenced by the Trump/GOP convention that began in Cleveland.

In a perfect storm of dysfunction and incompetence, Trump’s delegates broke into the convention hall, attacked and physically assaulted a woman in a wheelchair, and tried to hijack a microphone from a disabled woman who was not wearing a wheelchair.

In the process, the RNC leadership gave the appearance of having lost control of the convention, with the GOP leadership scrambling to figure out how to salvage the convention from the wreckage.

Trump has been unable to stop the violence, but the RNC has made sure to blame it on “liberal media.”

In a bizarre twist, they have even accused the media of trying to cover up the attacks by trying to “black out” the incidents.

Trump’s convention is the worst he has experienced since the election, and there is no sign he will get over it.

The RNC should have known better, as their convention has been an abysmal failure from the get-go.

This is the latest in a long line of failed conventions and Trump’s failed presidency.

This should be the end of the road for the Republican Party. 

There are many Republicans who will never be happy about the convention or their candidate.

There is also the potential for more bad publicity for the party.

The Cleveland Republicans were unable to find a venue in Cleveland, which is unfortunate, as Cleveland was one of the last major markets to hold the convention.

There are many Republican activists who are unhappy about the Trump-Ryan ticket, who feel like the convention will be a disaster, as the two party leaders are trying to appease them with a parade.

The Trump campaign has been a disaster from the beginning.

There has been nothing to show for the effort to make this election work, except for the Trump administration’s attacks on the media, the establishment, and Democrats, which have not produced any substantive results.

There was a lot of talk about a third party coming to the rescue, but no one has been able to come up with anything.

The convention has also been a fiasco.

The rules have been a complete mess.

Trump was not able to sign all of the delegates.

Some delegates are still trying to get into the balloting.

The process is not very transparent, and the Trump campaign is still trying too hard to win delegates by insulting minorities and women. 

I am not surprised by this. 

Donald Trump is a terrible candidate, and his candidacy has made the GOP look weak, but he also shows that it is possible for a good candidate to defeat a bad candidate.

Trump is clearly a flawed candidate, but it is hard to see how he will ever get anywhere with Republicans. 

The Republican Party should be proud of the accomplishments they have made, and they should be ashamed that they did not make it through the convention with the better candidate.

It is clear that the RNC and Trump are not going to make any changes in the future.

The party should be focused on finding solutions to the problems in the country, not tearing down its own establishment. 

If you want to support the Republican party, you should follow the rules.

 Posted by Steve at 6:45 PM

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